Friday, March 6, 2015

Vacation Sneak Peek

Going on a pretty wonderful vacation tomorrow.  Here's what I'm going to see:

And eat lots of this:

And of course, plenty of this:

Yes, those ARE giant mountains of gelato.  

Yep, I'm going back to Italy!!  A week in Rome, but this time we're bringing the kids.  But less books than last year -- I packed SIX books, of which I only finished three (plus I downloaded an ebook on my husband's iPad).  That was waaaay too many (my suitcase was small but heavy; my husband was a saint and didn't say a word).  This year, I'm only allowing myself three, plus we're sharing a Kindle and the iPad.  

I had to pack at least one Italian book:

And I'm also bringing a Victorian novel described as "a ripping good yarn":

I don't plan on taking a two-month break from blogging before my next post!  Ciao!!


  1. Bon voyage! (But pretend I said that in Italian?)

  2. Oh man I'm so jealous! Have a wonderful time Karen and tell me all about your trip when you're back!

  3. Enjoy!!!! I can't imagine anything better than reading Elena Ferrante's book while you are actually in Italy. I am sure you will want to download the the second and third volumes while you are here. Only my pile of books - must read now because it has to go back by ...' Has stopped me from doing that for the time being.

  4. I'm jealous. I hope you have a wonderful time. And I hope you enjoy Aurora Floyd. I thought it was a good read, but it took me awhile to warm up to Aurora. By the end, though, I really liked her. Happy travels!

  5. Have a wonderful time! I'm hoping to make it there myself in the fall, but we'll see. Meanwhile, I'll be eager to hear about your travels. March seems like a good time of year to be in Italy :)

  6. Wow! :D Here's to a LOVELY trip!!! I'm living vicariously through you! :)


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