Friday, January 14, 2022

Challenge Link-Up Post: Nonfiction Classic

Please link your reviews for your
 Nonfiction Classic here.  This is only for the Nonfiction Classic category.  A memoir, biography, essays, travel, this can be any nonfiction work that's considered a classic, or a nonfiction work by a classic author. 

If you do not have a blog, or somewhere public on the internet where you post book reviews, please write your mini-review/thoughts in the comments section.  If you like, you can include the name of your blog and/or the title of the book in your link, like this: "Karen K. @ Books and Chocolate (West With the Night)." 


  1. I read my first Back to the Classics-book of the year. Started out with Charles Dickens' Pictures from Italy :-)

  2. I had already read my nonfiction classic when I came across Endurance by Alfred Lansing. I used it for my "wild card" selection. But because I think it is a great book worth recommending, I wanted to share the link in the nonfiction narrative as well for those participants who might be looking for ideas.

  3. I read On Stories: And Other Essays on Literature by CS Lewis. It was a good read, though a little repetitive.

  4. The Prince by Machiavelli...meh.