Saturday, August 11, 2018

Back to the Classics 2018: Final Wrap-Up Posts

Have you finished the Back to the Classics Challenge?  Congratulations!  This is where you'll link up to your Challenge Wrap-Up Post, after you've completed a minimum of six different categories from the original challenge post.  This post is only for Challenge Wrap-Up Posts.  If you do not have a blog, or anywhere you post publicly, please write up your post-challenge thoughts/suggestions/etc in the comments section below.  Please read the directions carefully. 

By linking or commenting here, you are declaring that you have completed the challenge; that each book reviewed fits the correct definition of the category, and was published before 1968 (except for posthumous publications); and that your reviews for each category are linked to the correct post. If I cannot find links to your reviews, I cannot give you credit and thus enter you into the drawing.  THIS is where I will look at the end of the year and randomly choose the winner for the bookish prize. 

Please remember to indicate the following within THIS POST, linked below, or in the comments section below if you do not have your own blog:

1. Which book corresponds to each category;

2. The number of entries you have earned for the prize drawing; 
3. Links to your reviews. 

If you do NOT include links to your original reviews IN THIS POST, I CANNOT ENTER YOU INTO THE DRAWING.


  • If you've completed six categories and you get one entry.
  • Complete nine categories, and you get two entries.
  • Complete all twelve categories, and your name is entered into the drawing three times!
Please be sure and include some kind of contact for me within your final wrap-up post. This year, I will be contacting the winner privately BEFORE posting their name publicly on this blog. If I cannot contact you, I cannot award your prize. If there is no contact on your blog post, please email me at karenlibrarian13 [at] yahoo [dot] com. 

LATEST UPDATE: It looks like I can also message the winner via Goodreads, so if you are posting reviews via your Goodreads account, I can contact you that way also. Thanks to Rachel for suggesting it!

Congratulations, and thanks again for participating in the Back to the Classics Challenge!


  1. I don't have a blog, so I will post my books here. I have completed all 12 categories.
    1. 19th century classic: Two on a Tower, by Thomas Hardy (1882). Review:
    2. A 20th century classic: At the Mountains of Madness, by H.P. Lovecraft (1936). Review:
    3. Classic by a Woman author: Castle Rackrent, by Maria Edgeworth (1800). Review:
    4. A Classic in translation: The Lais of Marie de France (1160). Review:
    5. A Children's Classic: Ferien auf Saltkrokan, by Astrid Lindgren (1964). Review:
    6. A Classic Crime Story: The French Powder Mystery, by Ellery Queen (1936). Review:
    7. A Classic Journey or Travel Narrative: Gulliver's Travels, by Jonathan Swift (1726). Review:
    8. A Classic with a single-word Title: Vathek, by William Beckford (1786). Review:
    9. A Classic with a Color in the Title: The Woman in White, by Wilkie Collins (1859).Review:
    10. A Classic by an Author that's new to you: The Prince, by Niccolò Machiavelli (1513). Review:
    11. A Classic Story that Scares you: Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1605). Review:
    12. Re-read a Favourite Classic: Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen (1813). Review:

    You can contact me under tupaipai(at)hotmail(dot)com

  2. I started out this challenge on my blog ( I'm number 82 on the introductory post) but I've been forced to take it down. So I'm linking (hopefully successfully ) to my Goodreads 2018 Back to the Classics Shelf -

    I completed all twelve categories. I loved Pride and Prejudice but hated The Inferno. The Old Curiosity Shop, The Black Tulip, Frankenstein, The Little Prince and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde were my other top reads.
    1. Nineteenth Century Classic - The Old Curiosity Shop
    2. Twentieth Century Classic - Tender is the Night
    3. A Classic by a Woman - Frankenstein
    4. A Classic in Translation - The Metamorphosis
    5. A Children's Classic - The Little Prince
    6. A Classic Crime Story - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
    7. A Classic Travel or Journey Narrative - Travels with Charley
    8. A Classic with a Single Word Title - Ivanhoe
    9. A Classic that scares you - The Inferno
    10. Reread a Favorite Classic - Pride and Prejudice

    1. Sandra, I've tried to link back to your posts but am unable to do so. As stated in the instructions, if I can't access any of your reviews, I can't enter you into the final drawing! I would hate to leave you out since you've completed all twelve categories -- is there any way to update the link?

  3. Just linked to my wrap up post. Finishing early feels good, and I'm working on compiling my list for 2019. Thanks so much for hosting this, my favorite reading challenge!

  4. I've linked my final post. I completed all 12, and it's great to get another year done and dusted. The links to each of the 12 reviews are in the post. My contact details are on the blog too, but to make it easier, I'll add my contact email here too. It's paulavince(at)internode(dot)on(dot)net

  5. I've posted my wrap up. I had a great year reading all of the books! I'll be sending you an email so you have a way of contacting me - I don't have an email listed on my blog.

  6. I read 9 books this year, so I qualify for 2 entries into the drawing, woo hoo! :)

    1 - 19th Century Classic: The Time Machine
    2 - 20th Century Classic: Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy
    3 - Classic Author New to Me: The Mysterious Affair at Styles
    4 - Classic by Female Author: Poirot Investigates
    5 - Classic Crime: The Murder on the Links
    6 - Classic Children's: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    7 - Classic Color in Title: The Children of Green Knowe
    8 - Classic Single Word Title: Persuasion
    9 - Classic That Scared Me: War and Peace

    I was mostly disappointed with my picks this year. I'm hoping to choose better books next year! I did really enjoy finally discovering Agatha Christie, though, and really enjoyed Kristin Lavransdatter, one I picked up because the cover was so pretty. And after having read War and Peace, I now have the confidence to tackle any long book, so it wasn't all for naught! :)

    The links to all my reviews are here under my Back to the Classics Goodreads shelf:

    (I have listed the links individually under each corresponding category post on your blog as well, but if I need to list them individually here, please let me know.)

    As far as contact information goes, are you able to use Goodreads to contact the winner?

    1. Apparently I can message people via Goodreads! Thank you for suggesting this, I will add it to the instructions.