Sunday, October 31, 2010

Posting from Hawaii

Well, bloggers, I am on vacation, and have been so busy getting ready for said vacation, I've been remiss in my postings.  However, I did pack plenty of books -- I do have my priorities.  I can't complain as I am on Oahu!  (My DH had a convention and it would be unfair to let him go alone, wouldn't it?)

I did try very hard to find appropriate books to bring, but since I couldn't face James Michener's Hawaii, the closest thing I could find on my to-read shelf was The Wives of Henry Oades, a contemporary historical fiction book I won in a giveaway from Suey several months ago.  It's actually set in New Zealand, but it's in the South Pacific, so I figured it was somehow appropriate.  I started it today (while waiting for my husband outside the convention center) and I'm enjoying it so far.

However, nearly every other book I brought with me is set in England!  Here are the other books I brought:

Nightingale Wood by Stella Gibbons -- finished on the plane (nine hours total, plus a layover in Dallas).

The Making of a Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett -- (I had to bring at least one Persephone).

Greenery Street by Denis Mackail -- okay, another Persephone.  I've signed up for the Persephone Christmas Exchange.  This is research.  Really.

Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope -- because I signed up for the upcoming Trollope feature on The Classics Circuit.  It is 825 pages long, so I need to get cracking.  I've read 80 pages and it's good so far, so this is promising.

The Summer Book by Tove Jansson.  Set in Sweden, but it's in the summer, and it's summer here all year round.  Close enough. And it's short.

And because I could not go 24 hours on vacation without buying a book, I bought Mark Twain's Letters From Hawaii.  I'm feeling a little guilty because I really wanted to buy this at an independent bookstore called Native Books.  I walked and walked and walked and got frustrated and (after visiting the Iolani Royal Palace) I broke down and bought it at Barnes and Noble, which actually had a really big selection of Hawaiiana.  But I feel guilty because I know if people don't support independents, they'll all go out of business.  Of course I got back to the hotel and looked it up --  I was only a block away!!!  Grrrr.  I'll just have to go back and buy something else before I have to leave.


  1. Okay in your email when you said Nightingale Wood, I thought it was Murakami's book Norwegian Wood (too close to not get mixed up, I think...). Very different! :D

    I'm glad you're having fun and you found your bookstore!

  2. Oh do I envy you being on Oahu! We bought our copy of the final Harry Potter book at a Barnes and Noble there, because we could reserve a copy. It was in the Ala Moana mall.

  3. Amanda -- I actually have a copy of Norwegian Wood, which I haven't read either! Have you read it? I think I have three of his books on my shelf. Must sign up for a Japanese challenge to get motivated. I might try the Hawaii bookstore again after my feet recover. It was a long walk.

    Jeanne -- That's the B&N I went to! There's one closer to our hotel but I had checked the website last week and they didn't have Twain. The Ala Moana had three copies, which I thought was pretty cool, since it's a classic author from a small publishing company.

  4. Ooh, good selection of books, especially the Persephones and Trollope. I look forward to the reviews. I always have trouble knowing what to take on warm holidays for some reason, maybe because I live in Canada so the concept of beach books is somewhat foreign to me!

  5. Carolyn -- I'm not much of a beach person, but I did go to San Diego last year. I actually brought An American Tragedy to the beach. It didn't go well!

    I think reading takes you to another place, but when I'm on vacation, it's kind of weird to be taken someplace totally different. Does that make sense? That's the only way I can explain it. It would just feel more natural to be reading Trollope in England or Zola in Paris.

  6. Hope you have a wonderful time on vacation. I'm currently planning what books to take to visit my in-laws in south Florida, and I think I'm going to wind up with Trollope myself! (I guess Hemingway might make a little more sense.) Looking forward to your reviews.

  7. what a great list fo reading material. I hope you enjoy your warm time in Hawaii! I'm freezing these days.

  8. To say I am jealous of your vacation is an understatement. And I've never heard of such a good excuse to buy a book than what you've managed to come up with!

    Enjoy Hawaii!

  9. Lifetime Reader - I'm going to FL for Thanksgiving to be with MY in-laws! Where are you going? Mine are near Ocala, in central FL.

    Rebecca -- the weather in Hawaii was beautiful. Unfortunately, the trip was far too short, only 4 1/2 days plus travel :-( But it was better than staying home while my husband went alone.

    Jenners -- the trip was great but I was so sad to come home. And my DH had to work every day. We did manage to squeeze in some sightseeing and great meals.

  10. Hawaii! How fun! Gosh, I've never heard of any of these books - except maybe Mark twain, but even then I'm not so sure.

  11. Have a lovely time! Oh, you're back already. Hope it was fun! The books look very intriguing. If only my sweetie would take me to all the places he goes for conferences...

  12. I love Mark Twain and I'm really looking forward to what you say about this one as I don't have it. I have read Norwegian Wood and The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Murakami. They're both a bit strange but I did enjoy Norwegian Wood.

  13. Hi Karen,

    I hope you enjoy The Wives of Henry Oades. It's not giving anything away to say that Margaret Oades does get to Hawaii in the story. Have a wonderful holiday in that beautiful place.

    Warm regards,
    Johanna Moran