Sunday, October 10, 2010

Readathon Wrap-Up

All done!  I lasted until about 2 a.m. Central time.  I did finish my final book, a creepy little Gothic thriller by Joan Aiken called Died on a Rainy Sunday.  It's a short book, only about 120 pages, and I'd read it before so it was a fun way to end the evening (plus it counts for the RIP challenge).  I was too tired last night to write a final update, so here are my numbers:

Pages read: 1237
Books finished: 5
Books finished from my shelves: 3
Books finished from the library: 2

Cecelia's books:

Pages read: 1499
Books finished (all from her own shelves): 6

It was really fun but I was sorry to get started so late in the day.  I also should have planned out the dinner better.  Hopefully I'll be able to plan my day better next year -- it just worked out that book group fell on this day, and I hate to miss it.  What I'd really love would be to pack a bunch of books into a suitcase and check into a hotel for Readathon!  I could lock myself into the room and order food in.  I'd get tons of reading done (except breaks for the hot tub, of course).  Wouldn't that be great?


  1. That would be awesome! Maybe we'll have a readathon retreat in April. :D

  2. The hotel sounds like an awesome idea! Then there aren't the normal distractions and obligations of home. Great reading!

  3. Such awesome statistics!!

    I think checking into a hotel, ordering room service, and taking relaxing breaks in a hot tub sounds like the perfect read-athon environment :)

  4. Eeek! I had the same idea about the hotel! (except it would be a B+B here.) All the distractions are such exquisite torture though... the food, the friends, the gorgeous sunny weather.

    Well done you!

  5. Wow, what a lots of pages read! I think you had the right idea--I see from your other posts you had short books, and mine were dense and long so I didn't feel I made much progress. How fun though. Love the hotel idea....

  6. Amanda -- Readathon retreat! Perfect!

    Kristen -- I just have to make sure it's a hotel with decent room service. Or with good places nearby for carryout.

    Molly -- I'd just have to make sure I don't get too comfortable in the hot tub, I might not get out. Reading in a hot tub is probably not a good idea.

    Marieke -- of course, last weekend was absolutely beautiful. I should have taken my books outside. Too bad we can't plan Readathon for a weekend of bad weather.

    Rebecca -- I never would have read so much if it weren't for Blankets. It's big fat book but I always forget how quick graphic novels are. It was perfect for Readathon, I felt like I'd read so many pages.

    I really want to get a hotel room next time but I might have to check in for two nights, since it's from 7 to 7 -- most hotel check-in times are 3 or 4 p.m. That sounds so indulgent!! I should just give the money to charity.

  7. Your hotel plan is actually my dream of a get-away weekend :P Also, I need to read more Joan Aiken! I keep hearing great things about her stuff, but I've only ever read The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.


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