Saturday, October 9, 2010

Readathon Update 2

I've made progress!!  582 pages of progress, to be specific! Woo hoo!  I finished Blankets by Craig Thompson, a wonderful, big, fat graphic novel.  And I finished it in less than two hours!  This will do great things for my total number of pages.  I'm definitely energized and inspired.  I loved Blankets and I'll post about it this week.

I've started my Persephone book, Cheerful Weather For the Wedding by Julia Strachey.  It's a really thin book, only 119 pages, and I realized it's one of those books that the publisher has fleshed out by using really, really wide margins -- the book itself is 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches, but the actual text on each page is only 3 inches by 4 3/4!!  That's a LOT of white space on each page.  I should finish it quickly.

I should have planned ahead for dinner, but I ended up making a roast duck with crusty potatoes and braised red cabbage.   I know, I should have planned ahead and ordered in or cooked ahead of time, but the duck was finally defrosted and I didn't know if it would keep another day in the refrigerator, so I stuck it in the oven.  But please don't be impressed -- roast duck isn't any harder than a roast chicken, it just has a lot more fat.  And it comes with its own packet of delicious orange sauce.  Gabriela, my 13-year-old, made cupcakes this morning, so dessert was ready.  She has already promised to make French toast for breakfast tomorrow.

I can't give an accurate update for Cecelia, because she fell asleep on the couch so her big sister tucked her into bed.  I'll report on her final page numbers tomorrow, but it's very impressive, somewhere around 1500 pages.  She's a fast reader and I think she reread the entire Percy Jackson series, but who cares?  She's raising money for charity and I think that's great.

Current totals:

Pages read: 838
Books finished: 2
Books finished from my shelves: 1
Library books finished: 1


  1. Doing great Karen! Keep it up! :D And roast duck for dinner? Wow! :D I'm so glad Jason can cook for me.

    I'm getting tired and will probably head off to bed as soon as I finish my audiobook!

  2. Ruben actually had bought stuff for dinner, but the duck wasn't getting any younger. He usually cooks on the weekends.

    You've had a long day -- I still have lots of energy after my two-hour nap, so I'll probably be up late. Sleep well!

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  4. It's getting late, this much is true;
    But you're nearing the home plate! Don't be blue!

  5. I am impressed by the duck, whatever you say, but I am impressed by nearly any cooking because I am so terrible at it. :p

    Glad you loved Blankets! It's one of my favorite graphic novels ever.

  6. I read Blankets last weekend and really enjoyed it. It seems daunting because of the size but really reads quickly!


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