Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Persephone Secret Santa Revealed

Sorry for the double posting today, but I can't wait until tomorrow to reveal my Persephone Secret Santa! (Trollope fans, please proceed to the posting below for my review of Barchester Towers).

Well, my gift hasn't technically arrived, but thanks to all the wonderful clues (and a little help from a blogging friend!) I have finally figured out my Secret Santa:  Care from Care's Online Book Club!  She sent three wonderful clues to my gift, which was such fun.  Even though the package hasn't arrived yet, they totally brightened my day and made me feel special.  It was fantastic.  And I'll be copying her next year, so, Persephone readers, you'll be getting clues if you're my Santee!

Her clues were so clever -- I knew she was from Massachusetts, collected lobsters, and loved dogs -- she even made her own stamps with photos of her cute Wirehaired Pointing Griffons -- adorable.  And unless I'm wrong, I'll soon be receiving a copy of They Knew Mr. Knight by Dorothy Whipple!!  Woo hoo!  I haven't read any Whipples yet and I've heard so many great things about them.  Can't wait to read it.
The beautiful endpaper from They Knew Mr. Knight

I also had fun choosing a gift for my Santee -- Marie from Boston Bibliophile!  She received a copy of Reuben Sachs by Amy Levy, another book I've added to my to-read list.  I look forward to reading her blog to see how she likes it.

Finally -- thanks to everyone who commented on my post about Greenery Street by Denis Mackail.  The lucky winner of my extra copy is . . . Jeanne from Necromancy Never Pays!!  Jeanne, send me an email with your address so I can send you another Christmas present!  Congratulations and I hope you enjoy it!  Many thanks again to Claire at Paperback Reader for organizing the Secret Santa Swap.


  1. and I want to know what Amanda helped with!!!! It really was a treat to see that post and all the commenters knowing it was me (hee hee). I was thrilled to have your goodreads acct to view so I could see which Persephone might be the right one to give. Yes, you are correct which one will hopefully be very soon to arrive. I really enjoyed being your Santa. :)

  2. Glad I was able to help hint enough for you and Care to find each other. :D

  3. I haven't read any Whipple yet, but her books are high on my list. I'm eager to see what you think!

  4. Great choice from your Santa! I love, love Dorothy Whipple and They Knew Mr.Knight is pretty good! Enjoy.

  5. I haven't read any Dorothy Whipples yet, either, though I hear nothing but good of them. Interestingly enough, Marie was my Persephone Secret Santa last year! She sent me The Making of a Marchioness, and it set off a whole new friendshihp we've carried on this year. Blessings on your reading!

  6. How did you figure out what the book was? I love the name of your blog-mine is chocolate and croissants so of course I would like the name of your blog.

  7. Amanda -- I'd never have figured it out without your help.

    Lifetime Reader -- I'm very excited to finally start reading Dorothy Whipple -- since Persephone publishes six of her books, they must be good.

    Mrs. B. -- I also have Someone at a Distance but I've been saving it. I wish it was easier to get them over here in the U.S.

    Bellezza -- I was so looking forward to the swap, both because of the book and to meet new online bloggers! I've added so many new blogs to my subscription list. It's great.

    Esme -- the first clue was a color copy of the endpaper. I recently bought the Persephone 90 Diary for 2011 which has all the endpapers, so it didn't take long to match it. Guessing Care's identity was much harder, I had to get outside help from a blogger friend who knows EVERYONE in the book blogosphere. And I love your blog name too -- I had to include chocolate in my blog name!

  8. Wonderful - Whipple is such a good place to start! I h ope it turns up very soon!

  9. These Secret Santa postings have been so fun to read ... but you're the first one I've seen who got clues!! How fun! Enjoy your bounty!

  10. And thank you for giving away a copy of Greenery Street--you may convert me to another Persephone enthusiast!

    (Now I feel lucky!)

  11. Verity -- I look forward to reading it. I'm sure it just got held up because of the weather.

    Jenners -- I haven't had clues from a Secret Santa for years. I'm definitely using them next year for my Santee.

    Jeanne -- I hope you like it, I'm trying to convert everyone. Now if I could just get Amanda on board. . .

  12. Care is the best :D Enjoy your book!

  13. Care's approach to this Secret Santa was so much fun & I'm still tickled by it. I haven't read They Knew Mr Knight but I know it will be a cracker - enjoy it when it does arrive!

    Apologies for not commenting on your reveal post until now but I had technical issues... now I am ill in bed & taking the opportunity to catch up on commenting!


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