Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Persephone Secret Santa

Secret Santa is starting!!

I only signed up for one Secret Santa swap this year, and when I heard Paperback Reader was organizing a swap for Persephone books, I jumped on it.  I've already purchased a gift for my Santee and I'm hoping to send it out tomorrow with some homemade cookies.

And I have received TWO clues from my Santa!  When I got the holiday mail on Monday, I had my first clue -- a photocopy of one of the beautifully colored endpapers.   I was able to identify the book from my 2011 Persephone Ninety Calendar, which includes all 90 of the beautiful endpapers. However, my Santa could be trying to trick me -- the author of that particular book, Dorothy Whipple, wrote six different books in the Persephone Catalog.  Could Santa be leading me astray?  Well, I haven't read any of them, so I'll be happy no matter what.

I got my second clue in the mail today, and it is even more cryptic, full of clues as to the sender's identity.  I am completely mystified!  I know he or she lives in Massachusetts and has been blogging since 2007, and was able to attend the Book Blogger Con in NYC this year -- lucky!!  Santa is also hosting a challenge which is about to end, and collects either lobsters, stamps, or dogs (a clue from the notecard I received).  Anyway, I just wanted Santa to know that I'm loving this little mystery.  Thanks again!!

I only hope my Santee likes his/her gift as much as I will.


  1. Lobsters!! Ha! I know who this blogger is. :D That's adorable and I love that she's doing this!!!!

  2. Based on your last paragraph, I'm almost positive I know who your Secret Santa is! :D And it so sounds like her to send clues, lol.

    You're in for a treat with Dorothy Whipple as well!

  3. Lobsters can only mean one blogger! I've only read one Dorothy Whipple, but I loved it and plan to read ALL the others.

  4. A good mystery! This sounds so much fun - and reminds me a bit of 'Dash and Lily's Book of Dares'!

  5. I know who your Santa is! That is so awesome that they're sending you little clues like that - and just like them too :D

  6. I am LOVING how creative your Santa is! I'm now wishing I had done something as fun as that.

    I have read a couple of the Dorothy Whipple Persephones and they are fantastic - nobody does raw emotion like Whipple.

  7. It's so cool that everyone knows who Santa is! I'm really looking forward to the big reveal -- this is going to be the best Secret Santa gift ever!

    Amanda -- The lobsters intrigue me. And this means it's a she??

    Eva -- I'm really looking forward to Whipple, if that is in fact my gift. I've heard so many great things about her books.

    JoAnn -- which Whipple have you read? I have Someone at a Distance on my TBR shelf but I'm trying to ration out my Persephones.

    Baker's Daughter -- now I have to read Dash & Lily's Book of Dares. I love a good mystery.

    Nymeth -- I am so impressed by her cleverness. I'm tempted to steal her ideas for my SS next year.

    Paperback Reader -- I wish I was as creative as her! But I'm sending a great book and some homemade cookies to my Santee so I hope she'll like them. I do hope my book is a Whipple but I've loved nearly all the Persephones so far. The great thing about this exchange is I know I'll love it no matter what.

  8. Karen - I read Someone at a Distance, and am hoping to read They Were Sisters or The Priory next.

  9. A Book Society Choice, shortlisted for the Femina-Vie Heureuse Prize, the second D__ W___ novel P___ publishes is also wonderfully well-written in a clear and straightforward style; yet 'this real treat' ("Sunday Telegraph") is far more subtle than it at first appears. The BlaKes are an ordinary family: Celia looks after the house and Thomas works at the family engineering business in Leicester. The book begins when he meets Mr K_______, a financier as crooked as any on the front pages of oUr newspapers nowadays; and tracks his and his family's swift climB and fall.Part of the cause of the ensuing tragedy is Celia's innocence - blinkered by domesticity, she and her children Are the 'victim of the turbulence of the outside world' (Postscript); but finally, through 'quiet tenacity and the refusal to let go of ceRtain precious things, goodness does win out' (Afterword). And the "TLS" wrote: 'The portraits in the Book are fired by Mrs W___'s article of faith - the supreme importance of pEople.'

    sorry - I screwed up the version I sent you... And this won't let me color the right letters but they are bolded. ?!

  10. Oh, I had a lot of vicarious pleasure reading the hints your Santa sent you. It reminds me that next year, I must be a bit more clever! All the same, a Persephone book from an surprise friend is a win/win situation no matter how you look at, right? It will be fun to read everyone's post tomorrow and put together the pieces.

  11. Anonymous -- I have so enjoyed the clues! I'll comment more tomorrow when it's time for the big reveal.

    Bellezza -- I'm definitely stealing some of my Santa's ideas for next year. But this has to be the best Secret Santa EVER -- what's not to love about a Persephone book, right? I look forward to reading all the posts.