Sunday, February 6, 2011

TBR Readathon Update 1

Sunday morning already and I didn't post any updates yesterday.  What I thought would be a quiet day reading was not so much.  Not only did I have my classics discussion group yesterday, it was also the Jane Austen Book Group, and it was movie day.  I had originally planned on staying only a little while since I wasn't optimistic about the movie adapation -- fittingly, The Jane Austen Book Club, which I read and reviewed (briefly) last month.  Despite the changes made by the filmmakers, I quite enjoyed it.  And of course since it's held at the library, I had to stay afterward and help clean up and ended up chatting with my librarian friends. . . it was 2:30 by the time I got home!

Then at 4:30, it was off to the high school for the awards from the annual Latin competition.  My daughter is in the eighth grade, but her class is high-school Latin so they were allowed to compete.  She had a lot of fun but the awards were delayed which meant a long wait in a loud gymnasium with uncomfortable bleachers. . . I did bring a book, naturally, but it was hardly optimal reading conditions.  When we finally got home I did get some reading done after dinner. Here's what I got finished:

1.  Finished A Raisin in the Sun for the classics discussion -- about 100 pages, but it's a play and it was really fast.

2.  Finished the audio book of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day -- I only had a couple of chapters, and I finished it easily while driving to and from the library.  I read it last year but I'd always wanted to listen to the audio version, narrated by Frances McDormand who played Miss P. in the movie adaptation.

3.  Read three more stories from The Virago Book of Ghost Stories, about 40 pages -- I only have one story left and it's finished.  The final unread story is The Old Nurse's Story by Elizabeth Gaskell.  For some reason I've been avoiding it, I'm not sure why because I love Gaskell.  I guess I'm saving the best for last.

4.  Started a new Persphone Book, Farewell Leicester Square -- I made some real progress, 109 pages!  I know I posted earlier I was going to read Flush, but I grabbed this one instead.  I joined the Persephone Reading Group on Goodreads and this is the February read.  (Last month was Few Eggs and No Oranges which is more than 600 pages, and I haven't even opened it.  I'll try to get to it in time for Persephone Reading Weekend).

So -- I still haven't tackled Villette but I did read about 250 pages total.  Not bad for a Saturday when I was actually out and about since I couldn't lock myself in a room and read all day.  I hope to get more reading done today since I don't really watch the Superbowl!


  1. I like the sound of the audio Miss Pettigrew - although I've read all of the Persephones, I have not heard this! I must do! I LOVED the Virago book of Ghost stories - wonderful. And I'm wondering what the Latin competition involves - I did Latin and school and participated in one Latin reading competition which was rather fun.

  2. This is the one day a year that we watch football. We have a picnic in the living room and the boys get a kick out of the celebration. It's rather silly, but it's become a tradition. I plan to finish all my text-based books by that time and simply listen to some audiobooks while watching the football. I don't need to hear the commentary and I can pause the books during commercials! :D

  3. Sounds like you were still productive and that's always good!

    I probably should have signed up since I spent all day reading, and after working on some school stuff this morning, I'll probably spend the rest of today reading as well. There is always next year, right?

  4. "The Old Nurse's Story" is wonderful. You're definitely saving the best for last!

  5. Not bad, indeed. I listened to the same recording of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and liked it so much. The Old Nurse's Story is one of my favorite Gaskell short stories--a really great ghost story.

    I keep on putting off Villette myself, but someday I will read it!

  6. Verity -- the Miss Pettigrew audio is just wonderful. I just read the book last summer but I still loved it. It's definitely going on my birthday list this year.

    Amanda -- trying to picture you watching football! I like the commercials best too, my favorite last year was the one for the Kia with all the toys going for a joyride.

    Allie -- I think there's another readathon in April. Someday I'm going to go to a hotel and just read books all weekend. I'd have no distractions, just room service. And a hot tub if I need a break!

    JoAnn -- I'm glad I've saved the best for last. I love Gaskell, I'm reading North and South this summer with one of my book groups.

    JaneGS -- I did get through about 50 pages of Villette and I'm not sure how I like it yet. I am optimistic becaused I loved Jane Eyre. And what is not to love about Elizabeth Gaskell?

  7. I've managed to read the first five chapters of Villette and am not hooked, but definitely intrigued.

  8. SOunds like you accomplished a lot to me. Miss Pettigrew on audio has been requested by me from the library. Hope I enjoy it as the reviews have been good.


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