Monday, November 2, 2015

Nonfiction November

I'm always trying to read more nonfiction, so when I heard about Nonfiction November hosted by Sophisticated Dorkiness, I was intrigued. Last year I put twelve nonfiction books on my TBR Pile Challenge and I've only completed eight so far. It seems like the perfect time to buckle down and finish up that list, plus maybe a few more!  

There are weekly prompts, but I think I'm just going to concentrate on reading as many nonfiction books as possible (and blogging about them!) Here are some of the nonfiction books I'd like to read this month. As usual, I'm trying to concentrate on books from my own shelves.
Book of Ages: The Life and Opinions of Jane Franklin by Jill Lepore. A must-read, as it's the November selection for my library's book group, of which I am coordinator. This is the only book I don't own which I'm including in this list. 

Renoir, My Father by Jean Renoir. Also on my TBR Pile Challenge list. I had hoped to read it this summer for the Paris in July challenge. 

Letters from Hawaii by Mark Twain. One of the books as yet unfinished from my TBR Pile Challenge. 

And a few more from the TBR shelves:

Jane Austen's Names: Riddles, Persons, Places by Margaret Doody. A birthday gift, and since I just attended the annual Jane Austen Society meeting in Lousiville, I'm all about Jane right now. 

Birds, Beasts and Relatives by Gerald Durrell. I loved My Family and Other Animals (there's also a charming BBC adaptation on DVD) but I've tried several times to read this one and couldn't get past the first chapter. I'm going to give it one more try, and if I don't finish it, it's going back on the donation pile. 

Life Below Stairs: in the Edwardian and Victorian Country House by Sian Evans. Lots of pretty glossy photos, this is closer to a coffee-table book. I bought this a few years ago during my Downton Abbey obsession. 

An Autobiography by Anthony Trollope. Haven't read any Trollope in months, and I'm really starting to miss him. 

Of course, I have other nonfiction books on my TBR shelves, so I'll be happy if I just make a dent in the pile!

So, bloggers, what do you think? Any winners in the pile? Books to avoid? And is anyone else signing up for Nonfiction November? 


  1. I think I've read more non-fiction this year than in most other years, but it's still not a great total. I should sign up for this one, I'll have a look to see what I could read.

  2. I really enjoy non-fiction and have been indulging more this year than in the past. You've got a nice cross section of books to work on in November--now I need to learn about Jane Franklin. I'm planning on read a Twain travel book myself before year's end--I'll be interested in hearing how you like Notes on Hawaii.

  3. I'm actually having a good non-fiction year for once but I couldn't pass up this event. Have fun reading! :)

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  5. Anything Trollope sounds good to me! Also Life Below Stairs and Birds, Beasts, and Relatives look particularly appealing.

    I'm participating in NF November, but not sure I'll actually be reading much nonfiction. The Last Chronicle of Barset is my top priority this month and I'm hoping to squeeze in a little of the Glendinning bio, too. Hopefully there will be time to squeeze in something else that's fairly short.

  6. Ooh a book about Jane Austen I'm unfamiliar with! Checking it out right now. I wish there was a Jane Austen Society close to me, curiously I was only thinking yesterday about joining the Bronte society.


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