Friday, September 18, 2009

My favorite chocolate chip cookie

To my mind, there is no better dessert than a warm chocolate chip cookie. I would choose this over almost any other dessert. And it's perfect while reading since no utensils are necessary.

I am a big fan of back-of-the-box cooking, and the Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Recipe from the back of said package is a fine, fine recipe. However, a few years ago I was at a party where I tasted the best chocolate chip cookies I'd ever had. The hostess, a kind woman named Danielle, told me how to make them. It's very simple. First, make the original recipe in the link, but instead of adding the entire bag of chocolate chips (which measures two cups), add only one cup, plus half a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Chips (which is slightly less than a cup, since the bag is smaller. A travesty. Though I suppose I should just double the recipe and use up one bag of each -- and have more cookies!). Then add 1 cup of rolled oats and 1 cup of Rice Krispies. The oatmeal make the cookies chewy and moist, and the Rice Krispies give it an interesting crunch.

In fact, this recipe is perfect for just about any mix-in variation you like. This summer I was making cookies with the kids and we could not agree on the mix-ins. I made a double batch of dough and divided it into three portions, so each of us could add our favorites. Another favorite mix-in combo is oatmeal, coconut, and dried cranberries.

Now all you need is a good book and a cold glass of milk, or a nice cup of tea. Enjoy!


  1. Ooh, you've changed your blog up!

    I love chocolate chip cookies. I follow the Nestle recipe to, but change it up a bit for me. First, they don't ask for enough vanilla, and I always use pure vanilla. Then, I only put in 2/3rds of the bag of chips - otherwise the cookies get too crowded. Sometimes Jason and i will use all brown sugar and no white sugar. He does that more than me. And I don't cook them quite all the way through, so they're just a little bit gooey.

    Okay, now I'm craving dough. Mmm...your blog is dangerous!

  2. I couldn't get the link to show up on the darker background. And I decided we needed appropriate photos. I liked the way it looked before but I think this is easier to read.

    I've never tried using all white sugar, I should do that next time.

  3. All brown sugar. I'm not sure if all white sugar would work. :)

    Tonight we made cookies...

  4. You're right, I meant brown sugar. If you used all white sugar they'd be really hard and crunchy. You definitely need the brown sugar. I just took some cookie dough out of the fridge, I need a cookie fix!

  5. I'm not a favorite of nuts, oatmeal, etc. in my choco chips cookies. I like the recipe I found off a bag of generic choco chips. It's simple and oh so good. Similar to Nestle, but I like it best here it is