Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Challenge Link-Up Post: Classic Travel or Journey

Please link your reviews for your Classic Travel or Journey Narrative here.  This is only for the Classic Travel or Journey Narrative category. This can be fiction or non-fiction, but the journey itself must be the major plot point -- not just the destination.   If you do not have a blog, or somewhere public on the internet where you post book reviews, please write your mini-review/thoughts in the comments section.  If you like, you can include the name of your blog and/or the title of the book in your link, like this: "Karen K. @ Books and Chocolate (Travels with Charley)." 


  1. Look Back on Happiness was an unexpected title I read by Norwegian author Knut Hamsun. The author travels from the woods to a hut, to a lodge by the mountains, the city, back to the country, and it tells us the story of himself and those he encounters in his constant knapsack travels across his country. A different book, different style and familiar yet unique content.

  2. I read Five Weeks in a Balloon for this… As much as I loved Verne as a girl, I didn't like the book, reading it with my 34 yo old eyes…

  3. I used to read abridged versions of Gulliver's Travels when I was younger. This was my first time reading it in its full (if a little tedious) glory.