Thursday, January 9, 2020

Challenge Link-Up Post: Place in the Title

Please link your reviews for your Classic with a Place in the Title here.  This is only for the Classic with a Place in the Title category.  It can be a country, a city, a street, or a building, but it must include the proper name of a place. 

If you do not have a blog, or somewhere public on the internet where you post book reviews, please write your mini-review/thoughts in the comments section.  If you like, you can include the name of your blog and/or the title of the book in your link, like this: "Karen K. @ Books and Chocolate (The Belly of Paris). "


  1. I've chosen Bleak House for the place name category. A great read.

  2. I didn't plan Treasure Island for this prompt, I realized it fit about halfway through! Really enjoyed it! This makes me 6/12 for the challenge, and February's not even over yet. Who am I??

    1. Oh well done! And it could count for several categories if you need to change it!

  3. Northanger Abbey. I enjoy this book every time I read it!