Friday, March 11, 2011

Dueling Brontes

Right now, I'm reading Villette and listening to Jane Eyre on audio.  Is this a bad idea?  In my previous posting for the Villette Readalong, Melody from Fingers and Prose described it as "dueling Brontes."   Which naturally reminded me of . . . 

Bronte Sisters Power Dolls!!!

  I. Want. These.  That is all.


  1. So funny, What would the Bronte's think? I wonder.

    Tell us how you found Villette. I read it awhile ago and really enjoyed it.

  2. It was so silly, I couldn't resist. Still plugging away at Villette. The Three Musketeers, on the other hand, is a real hoot. I'll publish my first update tomorrow.