Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mount TBR Pile Challenge: Final Mountaineering Checkpoint

This year, I'm really proud of myself for completing SIXTY TWO books from my own shelves!!  Yes!  Since I finished 103 books, that brings me to 60% books read from my own shelves, not including rereads.  I've exceeded last year's goal of 50% books from my own shelves.  That brought me to my goal on the Mount TBR Pile Challenge, the Mt. Kilimanjaro level.

And now, here's my Year in Review According to Mount TBR.  I've made up my own statements to fit the books I blogged about this year.

Working at the library is better than being The Post-Office Girl.

Though sometimes I feel like I'm being Singled Out.

I'm pretty sure my husband always tells himself He Knew He Was Right

I wish my house were The Blue Castle

I looked in my refrigerator today and found Few Eggs and No Oranges

My back yard sometimes looks like: The Jungle

When I was younger, my favorite Beatles song was:  Norwegian Wood

Someday I'll look back and think these were: The Light Years

I think my college years were A Sentimental Education

If the were a real place, I'd love to visit: Mansfield Park

Or I'd fly to China and have a Peking Picnic

If I were on a road trip through India, I'd definitely invite Kim

If Kim asked me a question on a hot day, he might get a Dusty Answer

I'd love to take an ocean voyage, just not like the one in:Moby-Dick

And if it were a calm night, not too cloudy, I might catch a few of The Glimpses of the Moon

I'm glad I don't have to dress like The Edwardians

Also glad that my family is not as wacky as The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family

Or as famous as Marie Antoinette.

If I could pick a literary friend from a book this year, I'd choose Miss Majoribanks; or maybe Rachel Ray;

I'd also love to meet Arsene Lupin, Gentleman Thief;

But definitely not Nana or Sapphira and the Slave Girl (well, actually, just not Sapphira; the slave girl sounded like a nice person!).

I'd be afraid to visit ancient Rome and meet I, Claudius -- but only if I were escorted by The Return of the Soldier!

This was a really fun blog post -- like literary Mad Libs, but in reverse!  I've already signed up for next year's challenge and I'm hoping to achieve the same goal of 60 or more books read from my own shelves -- I still have about 170 unread left!

Has anyone else signed up for this challenge?  Good luck!


  1. Love this idea! I'm doing a mini-TBR challenge for myself this month, but I'm not that ambitious. Your goal was amazing, congrats. Hope you have another great year in 2015.

  2. Literary Mad Libs! I love that. Happy New Year, Karen!

  3. What a wonderful achievement! I barely finished my TBR challenge at a much lower level, and acquired many more books than I checked off. (Although I think I acquired fewer new books this year than last year, so maybe that's an improvement?) You're an inspiration for next year!

  4. What a marvelous way to compile your list! I read mostly from my own shelves, but I added new books at about the same rate. I am determined to do better this year! I'll look forward to see what you uncover from your own shelves this year. Happy reading in 2015 :)