Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Back to the Classics 2020: Final Wrap-Up

I've finished! After abandoning my own challenge last year, I persisted and successfully completed all twelve categories in 2020. Some were from my original list, some were not. Here's what I read, with links to my reviews:

Only 7/12 from my own shelves this year, the rest were library or free e-books.

1. 19th Century Classic: Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins. Completed 2/16/20.

2. 20th Century Classic: Pied Piper by Nevil Shute. Completed 1/10/20.

3. Classic by a Woman: So Big by Edna Ferber. Completed 1/12/20.

4. Classic in Translation: Temptation by Janos Szekely. Completed 6/5/20.

5. Classic by a POC Author: The Street by Ann Petry. Completed 12/5/20.

6. Genre Classic: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells. Completed 1/27/20.

7. Name in the Title: The Sin of Abbe Mouret by Emile Zola. Completed 4/14/20.

8. Place in the Title: Crossriggs by Jane and Mary Findlater. Completed 4/28/20.

9. Nature in the Title: In the Mountains by Elizabeth von Arnim. Completed 4/16/20.

10. Classic About a Family: Father by Elizabeth von Arnim. Completed 2/27/20.

11. Abandoned Classic: Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Completed 4/5/20.

12. Adapted Classic: Lark Rise to Candleford by Flora Thompson. Completed 5/14/20.

Seven of them were from my own shelves (pictured above), which is pretty good, though I'm aiming higher next year -- for next year's Back to the Classics Challenge, I'm going to try and read at least ten out of the twelve categories from my own unread books. 

I chose really well this year -- I really enjoyed nearly all of my challenge selections, not a dud in the bunch. Of the twelve, I think my absolute favorites were Temptation, Pied Piper, and Father. I also thought The Street was brilliant. My least favorites were probably The Sin of Abbe Mouret, just because of the misogyny, and Les Miserables, because let's be honest, it really could have used some editing. 

So there's more than two weeks left to complete the challenge -- you only need six books! And if you don't have time this year, why not sign up for next year's challenge? 


  1. I could have commented on every post related but I don't have the time (sorry !). These were great book choices, some I have read, some I want to and others I would never have thought about reading someday, like Shute for example :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing! And it's always satisfying when every book you read is good. I'm only one book away from #12 myself, which is far and away the best year I've ever had. It's always a fun challenge though, no matter how we do.

  3. Congratulations on finishing! I'm going to come in at 11 out of 12--just can't do the Abandoned category right now, with two more posts to post. I'm planning on reading some Elizabeth Von Armin in 2021 and want to revisit Edna Ferber--I love Show Boat and have read it a few times, and want to read more by her.

  4. Victor Hugo got paid by the word and it really, REALLY, shows hahaha!